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Radiesse Manufacturer:

Merz Aesthetics Inc

Radiesse Information:


Radiesse is one of the most effective dermal fillers in the market used for contouring and shaping different areas of a patient’s face including the jaw line, nose, nasolabial folds, smile lines, and marionette lines. Radiesse is available as a water-based gel in which calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres are suspended. The generic name of the medicine is Hydroxylapatite Microspheres, and it belongs to the category of volumizing fillers.


Description of Radiesse:


If using Radiesse to treat more then one facial area, seperate needles will will be needed for each site. The injection is administered with a 27G or 28G needle, before which your doctor will give you a local anesthetic to minimize the pain. The injection is given subcutaneously under your skin, i.e. directly in the area that needs treatment. The duration of treatment is around 15 minutes, and its effects last for as long as 2 years. Sometimes, Radiesse can also be used in non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures used for augmenting the chin and cheeks.


Advantages of Radiesse:




  1. The effects of Radiesse are long lasting however, occasional touch ups may be needed.
  2. Radiesse treatments require minimal recovery time, with mostpatients returning to work within 24 hrs.
  3. The drug has minimal or no side effects, apart from mild redness or swelling at the site of injection.
  4. Due to the presence of the calcium microspheres, Radiesse deposits are assimilated in the patient’s body over a 2-3 year period.
  5. No skin pre-testing is required, as the drug is biocompatible and has a synthetic formulation.
  6. You will not need to go through a surgical procedure, which is often required in other methods of eliminating signs of aging.


How Radiesse Works:


Radiesse stimulates collagen growth, thus reversing the aging process and making your skin tighter and smoother for a longer period of time. Its effects last for as long as  2 years.


Safety & Precautionary Information:

 Swelling, discoloration, itching, pain, or tenderness in the injected area may occur, but these will subside within a few days. The injection has to be given subcutaneously and should not be administered into a patient’s blood vessels, as this may result in problems like platelet aggregation, hemolysis, embolic phenomena, infarction, or vascular occlusion. An overdose may lead to a site rupture, and therefore, Radiesse should only be administered under medical supervision.Before using Radiesse,please speak to your doctor if you use any of the following, aspirin, Vitamin E supplements, or NSAIDs. Do not take these drugs even after one week of treatment, as doing so may lead to bleeding or bruising.




The main ingredients of Radiesse are:


  1. Calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres
  2. Water


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